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We have no shortage of African literary talent on the continent. Find out more about some of the best books ever written about Africa by Africans or click on Post Entry to add your selection.

The Joburg Book

An engaging and comprehensive history of Johannesburg, exploring the geography and communities that make up Africa's economic powerhouse. Edited by Nechama Brodie, the book features contributions from leading South African historians, geographers, academics, writers, journalists and photographers. Includes spatial maps of the city and over 400 images.


Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs by Moky Makura

A book about the greatest entrepreneurs on the the continent , they defied all odds and set up empires where no one had ever tried , all things where against them, poor background , ruthless government policies and normalcy that is black cant be rich .A must read for anyone who has a dream of making it big in any sector of business despite what background they are coming from. (kundai matangira)


A Passage to Africa by George Alagiah

A chronicle of Africa in general , but particularly Ghana, the first country in on the continent to gain independence, Rwanda , the greatly divided on tribal lines and which witnessed one of the greatest genocides of the twentieth century, Zaire(congo) , home to one of the most corrupt presidents Africa had ever seen , Mobutu sese seko , Somalia , a country which suffered the most severe of famines and political unrest, South Africa, home to great Madiba , who spent so many years in incarsaration by the Afrikanaar regime but found romm to forgive them when he was the man in charge and Zimbabwe , home of Robert Mugabe , the only African leader who openly told the white man that his country belonged to the black man who fought for it and he acted on that .A must read for anyone interested and curious about what made these great nations and their leader tick and what made them fall or otherwise. Written by the BBC African correspondent , George Alagiah , throughout his journey arond Africa as a journalist but also as someone searchng for answers , basically a biography on Africa( kundai matangira)


Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs by Moky Makura

I have read this book a friend bought it and told me to get myself a copy. It was very inspiring to see how these business men build up their empires and some with a background of poverty and very limited opportunities.
If you have not read this book I highly suggest you do.


The African Renaissance by Mooya Chilube

The African Renaissance is a genuine endeavour, in the most simplistic manner and at grassroots level, to tell the story of Africa, through the heart and eyes of a lay person and the indigenous native African simple person out on the street and far away in the villages of rural Africa.

It is a sincere appraisal of the African situation in the virgin spirit, totally free of the encumbrances of cultural clashesand the mitigations and condemnations of international cultural values and the interventions of the common indoctrinations and/or propaganda of both foreign, western affluence and the local, continental, common political re-orientations of the day.

The African Renaissance is told neither in the language of the hunter nor that of the prey - namely the lion, in it's own lair and territorial juristiction and integrity, but through the heart of a Guardian of the entire little and erring family of manknid and from the viewpoint up in the Cosmic.

This is a little work, which nevertheless tells the story in a warm and live manner so that it almost feels, in the heart of the reader, like Mother Africa herself is actually telling her own story of rape and subjugation. It is a big story told in a small volume, in a manner uncluttered with the common and notorious political slogans and the didactic political science terms and words which express and fulfil only the will and the ego of the selective minority, less sensitive of the masses at grassroots level.

Above all, this little volume is intended to bring out the real essence of a Renaissance - and especially this one African Renaissance. This aspect is what all, both the politicians and the scholars always seem to miss out on. And this is the Cosmic - the Spiritual hand of God, which has been the real force of both the birth and liberation of nations and the giver of new births to the world, as from the last World Renaissance of the Three Times Great Trismegistus or Haramanuba of North Africa, to this current one and ultimate force of African Renaissance through the matrix of Leza Butatu - namely, the triune faceted Lord Eagle of Gabalado Monastery in Southern Africa.

Author's Note - Mooya Chilube


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