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Africa our Africa is just one of many websites trying to change perceptions about Africa. Find out about other sites telling the great African story here or click on Post Entry to add another.

The African Culinary Network has been connecting scholars, professionals and others who delight in African cuisine and food history. This is a space to discover, document, and share information on the vast and fascinating culinary heritage of Africa.


Africa Live Online
Generally, the western media focus on what is wrong with Africa (wars, epidemics, corruption and so on) and the bad things thought and said about it. At the same time, things done well on the continent get no attention. It is a running down process against which we have been fighting for many years. We want to assist in providing a more positive picture of Africa (a continent we love very much) in Germany than the one conveyed by so many prejudices, to show more often the positive sides of Africa, its main concerns, its efforts to develop. Since November 1998, we have released a magazine which objectives are to form a link between Africa and German-speaking countries. It is also published free of charge on the Internet in order to reach the largest possible number of readers. To se the print edition as PDF, please click: .


Friends of modern Africa
There is a Modern Africa! The people of this Modern Africa are shaping the progress on the African continent and even worldwide through innovations in various fields, conceptualising, bringing forward new ideas and acting successfully. This strong going Africa has not been realised outside the continent yet. The pictures and thoughts of a “crisis-continent” still haunts people’s mind.

It is our ambition to appropriate position the Modern Africa in the media and in the people’s mind. If we shall succeed with this task people, companies and politicians worldwide will increasingly turn towards Africa. They will endorse Africa to push forward, support the continent’s creativity and start networking.

Hence we provide a platform for an – up to now – unknown Africa: the Modern Africa of the 21st century. You can now contribute to santise the public image of Africa. The newly created internet-platform „Friends of Modern Africa“ aims to create a new, a positive image of the African continent.

Friends of Modern Africa is an idea of Steffen Heizmann and Jürgen Langen. The platform is a project of the registered association „Modern Africa”, located at Berlin, Germany.


web in africa

Africa to africa is africa based wed directory where people from all over africa can advertise or sell there services or goods online to anywhere in africa. is pro africa.

Afropop Worldwide is an internationally acclaimed multi-media service celebrating 20 years of promoting the recognition and enjoyment of the contemporary musical artists and cultures of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The flagship public radio program is Afropop Worldwide, which is hosted by broadcast personality Georges Collinet from Cameroon, and heard on over 110 radio stations in the U.S. You can also stream the program on-demand


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