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Interesting people from Africa


Africa is full of heroes who have made significant achievements and a huge impact not just in their countries or on the continent, but on the rest of the world. Find out who some of them are right here or add your entry.

George Kimble

“The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it.”

George Kimble quotes ( Geographer, b.1912)


Petronel Malan

A recent interview with South African grammy award nominated pianist Petronel Malan


Mooya Chilube - Zambian

Mooya Chilube was born on the 9th September 1947 in a rural village in a place called Kasiya, west of the tiny township of Pemba in Zambia.

He was born into a Roman Catholic Christian family and brought up, therefore, as a Catholic especially having gone for his academic education at Christian schools such as St Peters in Kasiya and the nation-wide famous St Canisius College at Chikuni within his home area, a Roman Catholic Missionary Centre run by the Jesuit Fathers.

For a person who saw his parents-to-be, beforehand at the end of his journey back to Earth from his starry home planet, his childhood, school and even working adult life has all been but a spiritual and miraculous experience. He had been a Disciple, right from birth, of the LOGOS Masters of the Universal flock of Spiritual Travellers. Among these, the Son Christ Jesus Joseph and above all, his own ageless Teacher the Cosmic Father Dove Christ, the Lord Maitreya, then of Changier Monastery in the Himalayas, whom he was to succeed later, on the early morning of 28th July 1996, to become the Cosmic triune person of Lord LOGOSOGO, the LOGOS and Cosmic Eagle, coming fifth - but only in transit, upon the shortest Cosmic Lineage.

Mooya has written many books, amonst them the LOGOS Cosmic Holy Books, New World Order, The African Renaissance and many more.


The first African forex dealer in South Africa

Molotlegi Nat Mokgosi became the first forex dealer in South Africa. The Apartheid regime had reserved corporate banking for whites. The African Bank was the first and only black bank then. The Apartheid State President withdrew the Bank's forex licence. The government feared the likes of Mokgosi and Gabby Magomola who had a close affinity with the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, and Curtis Nkondo of the ANC; Victor Mtutuzeli Tyalimpi who had obtained a Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators (CIS); a qualification that Black people were not allowed to study for.


World's first African language e-mail engine

Yazmin Nanji (Kenya), Internet Entrepreneur. The CEO of the Nairobi-based MailAfrica, the world's first African language e-mail engine, which in 2001 continued to create e-mail databases for various African languages. By October, among the languages taken into the Internet era were Oromo from Ethiopia, Hausa, Ibo, and Yoruba from Nigeria, and Ewe from Ghana.

Nanji was, at year's end involved with a new, non-profit web site called AfricaLive, intended to create a virtual community across Africa.

This was more than just a business investment --- it is the first serious attempt to adapt African languages and the African heritage to the 21st century world of information technology.


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