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Interesting places in Africa


Africa is one of the most diverse places in the world. It literally has everything to offer everyone.  Find out about some of the continents well known and not so well known places or tell us about your favourite spots in Africa. Visited any interesting African places lately? Tell us about them.

Fes El Bali

The oldest central part of Fes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the biggest vehicle free zones in the world. It has historical importance in Moroccan cultural history and its rich architectural heritage. Fes is the 2nd largest city in Morocco and is a superlative place to experience North African city life. The winding alleyways, mosques and museums scattered throughout the city are worth exploring should you find yourself in Morocco.


Chez Rangel in Maputo

This jazz café at the train station is one of Maputo's best night spots, with intimate surroundings and the atmospheric architecture of the train station as a backdrop. There's live music on Saturdays, and otherwise your choice of a large collection of old jazz gramophone records. An ideal spot to sip a caipirinha while taking in afro-jazz beats.


The Lake Rose in Senegal

Real name Retba Lake, is one of the most visited sites on the peninsula of Cape Verde in Senegal, north east of Darkar. This salt lake is renowned for the original pink colour and its extreme saltiness makes it very easy to float on the water. Lake Retba is also known for being the final stage for the Paris Dakar Rally.


The Vredefort Dome


The oldest and largest meteorite impact site in the world. It's said to be over 2000 million years when the meteorite, larger than table mountain, hit the earth close to Vredefort. And now it's a beautiful landscape of small hills in a dome shape with pretty valleys in between. This vast scape of land also has the largest wild olive forest in South Africa activities like abseiling, hiking, river rafting and mountain biking are done here.



You can see the most amazing scenery on your way to Nelspruit. The beautiful mountains and vast forests just look amazing. And once you get to Nelspruit there are loads of lodges and places to stay where you can explore nature and get away from life in the the city. Truly an amazing place to be.


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