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We have no shortage of African literary talent on the continent. Find out more about some of the best books ever written about Africa by Africans or click on Post Entry to add your selection.

From Pariah to Legend

Papwa Sewgolum “From Pariah to Legend” – A biography about a golfer of colour Papwa Sewgolum, an impoverished caddie fighting the grips of apartheid and becoming a hero by beating the odds and becoming a golfing legend. The impoverished and illiterate descendant of an indentured labourer, Papwa Sewgolum started playing golf at a young age and, with his non-conforming 'wrong arm' grip, he soon became a champion. This book showcases Papwa's remarkable career, and captures both the richness of golf and the soul of a tortured country.



Explore the cooking and recipes of North, West, East and Southern Africa with Manjase Banda's "The Best of African Cooking" book. With over 130 recipes that not only show you how to prepare the meals, but illustrate the equipment used and covers counties like Egypt, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique and many others.


Awesome South Africa

Whether you are an International Tourist visiting our shores or a citizen lucky enough to be living in this great country, Awesome South Africa entertains and tells the reader what makes this country what it is... Awesome 

The best, greatest, craziest, biggest, and funniest - Awesome South Africa will intrigue you, make you laugh, astonish and astound you. Packed full of information, colorful graphics and photographs, this entertaining compilation contains interesting facts and trivia about South Africa and its people. If you are a South African, this book is guaranteed to stir feelings of pride, patriotism and belonging. If you are not South African, then it will leave you in awe and provide you with a comprehensive overview of this unique and crazy country. Read this book and you will never want to leave.

'A delightful collection of interesting South African facts and anecdotes that is sure to have half the family reading over your shoulder.'


The African Origin of Civilization by Cheikh Anta Diop

A must read book for all those interested in Acient Egypt. It shows you the fact that Acient Egypt was of African origin which many people especially in the west refuse to acknowledge. I wish this book was made available to all schools in Africa.



Africa Raising

A tremendous book showing the endless business opportunities in Africa. As we all know, the focus in the media is always on the negative things on Africa but this book sees things differently.


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