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Interesting things about Africa


Please tell us any interesting and positive facts you know about Africa

Akin Omotoso's Man on Ground

Akin Omotoso's multi-award winning new movie, Man on Ground is making waves internationally and has won at the Jozi Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival and most recently The Monaco Charity Film Festival. The film stars Hakeem Kae-Kazim and is a portrayal of rising xenophobia in South Africa, Omotoso casts the story of a young Nigerian man living in the African refugee tenements of Johannesburg who disappears against the background of animosity against immigrants flaring into violent rioting. The film is inspired by real yet controversial events that occured in South Africa. Even though the film is set in South Africa, the lessons are relevant and applicable globally.


The Business of Nigeria

Business in Nigeria in recent times has been scaling to great heights. Nigerian businesspersons are becoming quite popular due to their various novel endeavors in the fields of trade, commerce and finance. It has been prospering due to many factors, the foremost being the unwavering support extended by the government of the country. The Nigerian government is funding many business enterprises and establishments that aim to make a mark in its local society. Nigerian bussiness people have been able to carve a niche for themselves in the world of business, creating a reputable business image for them locally and internationally.


Lights, Camera, Africa

Film Biz Africa is a bi-monthly print and online film and media business magazine. Published and printed in Kenya and East Africa, the magazine covers all corners of Africa; produced by a team of international relations experts, communications experts, film researchers, producers, actors/actresses and more. The magazine’s goal is to encourage the buying and watching of African films and empower African filmmakers by providing quality film business content and networks.


Kenyan Athletics

Kenyan long distance running stars have made it easier for anyone around the world to find Kenya on the map. Kenya has become the most dominant country in competitive long distance running around the world since the legendary Kipchoge Keino and Henry Rono set the bar decades ago and established Kenya as an athletics powerhouse. Since the mid-1960s, Kenyan men have earned the largest share of major honors in international athletics at distances from 800 metres to the marathon and recently Kenyan women have joined the tally. These are largely attributed to the Kalenjin people, also known as “the running tribe”, who inhabit the Rift Valley Province in Kenya.


World heritage sites in Africa

There are 129 Heritage sites in Africa located in 37 countries also called state parties. Ethopia is home to the most with nine sites, 12 countries only have a single site each and three sites are shared between two countries. Selection of the sites is based on ten criteria, six for cultural heritage and four for natural heritage.


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