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Interesting things about Africa


Please tell us any interesting and positive facts you know about Africa

Word of the day - "Mbaqanga"

Mbaqanga is a style of South African music with rural Zulu roots that continues to influence musicians worldwide today. The style originated in the early 1960s and took off with the likes of The Mahotella Queens, Mahlathini, Dolly Rathebe and Mirriam Makeba. Mbaqanga influenced music styles like Bubblegum and Afro-dance pop back in the 1980s which brought about artists like Yvonne Chakachaka and Brenda Fassie. In 2003 a Norwegian group released a tribute track titled All the Way Back (Shades of Mbaqanga) and the genre continues to thrive in certain parts of South Africa.


Word of the day – Sheng

Sheng is a language that has grown out of Nairobi that is used almost exclusively by the younger crowd. It’s a mixture of  Kiswahili, English and Bantu tribal tongues and is the slang mostly used in the cities.


Word of the day - “Mbalax”

The national popular dance music of Senegal and Gambia; Mbalax is a fusion of popular Western music and dance like Soul, Latin, Jazz and Rock blended with Sabar, the traditional drumming and dance music of Senegal. Made famous by Youssou N’Dour, Coumba Gawio, Thione Seck and Omar Pene around the world; they established successful musical careers thanks to the genre.


Word of the Day - Safari

The word Safari is a Swahili word meaning "long journey", the verb for "to travel" in Swahili is "kusafiri". Besides being associated with exploration, tourists, game hunting and photography of the wild; the word is used for any type of journey by any means, foot, bus or car etc.


African Rhythm

If there was anything Africans were owed billions, if not trillions of dollars over it’s the invention and innovation of African rhythm. African rhythmic techniques were exported over the Atlantic centuries ago and became the foundation to the blues, jazz, reggae, hip-hop and pop music. Our rhythm not only contributed to music, but to dance aswell. Our ability to move back, forth and sideways to every drum beat influenced modern dance and entertainment which contributes billions to the world’s economies. We now know how much of a commodity and how much value our natural form of entertainment was/is,  it’s not just gold that makes Africa so rich in resources, but its people too.


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