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Interesting things about Africa


Please tell us any interesting and positive facts you know about Africa

The Tunisian Desert Rose

The rose-like crystal is a grouping formed by precipitation in usually arid desert regions which contains trapped sand particles. These can be found in the Grand Erg Oriental Desert, Douz, in Tunisia. Take a look at our gallery to see more of these.


7 Facts about Egypt

Fact 1: Some of the ancient Egyptians slept on pillows & headrests made out of stone.

Fact 2: The first pyramid made out of stone was built in 2650 BC.

Fact 3: Acient Egyptians used to play a game very similar to todays bowling.

Fact 4: The pyramids of Egypt are the last remaining ancient wonder of the world.

Fact 5: Egyptians created glass and faience objects.

Fact 6: Egyptians invented the 365 days calendar.

Fact 7: Egypt is the 34th largest country in the world.



Angola's Independence Day Photo Exhibition

This weekend marked Angola’s 37th year of independence from the Portuguese in 1975. A photo exhibition portraying the past and the present of Huambo city was opened this Saturday, 10 November 2012, by the arts and culture foundation in commemorating their National Independence Day, November 11 and 100th founding of the city anniversary. The exhibition will be  open until 10 December and is called “Huambo ontem e hoje” (Huambo yesterday and today) with the aim of informing visitors about the past and current reality of the city.



7 Facts about Algeria

1. Algeria is the 11th largest country in the world and the 2nd largest in Africa.

2. Arabic is the official language of the country spoken by 80% of the population. They also speak French.

3. 80%-90% of Algeria is Sahara desert. And they have the biggest sand dunes.

4. Algeria is considered the country with the highest cost of living in North Africa.

5. The couscous is the Algerian national dish.

6. The highest weather temperature that was ever recorded in Algeria is 60.5 celsius.

7. The national day in Algeria is on November 1st. It's also called "Revolution Day".


Venus and Serena Williams on the Continent

The 2 most famous US tennis sisters were on the continent recently to motivate young girls to "break the mould" and excel in whichever sport they are participating in. Breaking the Mould (BTM), is an initiative developed by Octagon South Africa to acknowledge and recognise women of all ages who have broken the mould in their different spheres.

"We would definitely love to see more athletes come out of Africa," Serena told journalists. "We were able to break the mould in a sport that was just really dominated by white people and to have a face of colour than can come in and dominate (shows) it doesn't matter what your background is and where you come from," she said.

The sisters were in Lagos and South Africa motivating and teaching young kids on tennis and also played an exhibition match against each other which Serena won.


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