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African Inventor makes 1st 3D printer from scrap metal

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Kodjo Afate Gnikou is a 33 years old inventor from Togo, in West Africa. Using mostly e-waste that he found in a scrap yard, he built a functioning 3D printer that he calls W.AFATE ("W" for WoeLab, the first hackerpace in west Africa, and Afate from his name). It's the first 3D printer built from e-waste, and even NASA is impressed: Kodjo Afate Gnikou has been rewarded with the NASA International Space Apps Challenge in Paris.

He says: "My dream is to give young people hope and to show that Africa, too, has its place on the global market when it comes to technology. We are able to create things. Why is Africa always lagging behind when it comes to technology?"


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Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 November 2013 06:56 )