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Moky Makura
"Until lions learn to write, hunters will tell their history for them"

Moky Makura

Moky Makura born in Nigeria, educated in England and since 1998 has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A publisher, author, TV presenter/producer, actress and a successful entrepreneur in her own right, Moky holds an Honours degree in politics, Economics and Law from Buckingham University in the UK

Africa has had its fair share of achievements of which we can be proud. Find out what some of those achievements are or let the world know what we are proud about by posting your entry here.

If the country and the continent you come from is a place for which you feel immense pride then why not share it?

We are looking for contributors to help build up a repository of positive facts about Africa that will make people proud about what this continent and its people has achieved.

Imagine a place where you could write down and store all the things you know about your country or your continent that make you proud.

Well, there is such a place and this is it.

What are the things that make you proudly African, who are the individuals that shine on a national and global scale, where are the places that make Africa unique, what are the great moments that made our history so rich and what are the resources that make our continent so rich.

I ask only two things of you; contribute to the website and tell your friends about it. Africaourafrica.com will only live if you help create the content.

I invite you to be a part of something tangible and positive, because as a wise man once said “until lions learn to write, hunters will tell their history for them”.

Let’s write our own history, it is after all, our Africa.

You can help to create the biggest free source of positive facts on Africa by making time to contribute information to the site. Go to How to post an entry to see just how easy it is to to do.

Well, we’ve made a start at telling our Great African story. We have set out to create the start of a knowledge repository for all the great things about Africa in a single, easy to access space.

This is as much your website as ours, please contribute to the campaign and spread the good news on Africa.

Moky Makura
Founder, Africa our Africa.com
"Until lions learn to write, hunters will tell their history for them"

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