Swaady Martin-Leke

Swaady is the founder and CEO of a luxury African tea company called YSWARA. A child refugee, Swaady’s family fled 2 violent coups. By now, she has lived in 11 countries and is convinced that Africa’s outlook has to change and that she has to be involved. In 2011 she moved from a successful career at General Electric to something completely different. She wanted something that would promote African culture, identity and resources. It was Swaady’s dream to capture true African luxury, change the world’s perception of Africa and to produce a luxury brand that is truly African in origin, nature and tradition. After much research, introspection and soul searching, she realized her dream and created her company YSWARA. YSWARA has chosen the luxury industry because it is an industry that conveys culture and identity. The luxury industry is a country’s or continent’s image presented to the world. YSWARA also offers luxury candles and spoons and teaware. (See pictures in our gallery)

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